What is rappi


customers access a vibrant ecosystem of goods and services, entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and people convert time into flexible income.


Our founders

Simon Borrero

Simón Borrero

CEO & Founder

Sebastian Mejia

Sebastián Mejía

President & Founder


Felipe Villamarín


Our Mission

Our mission is to drive economic development across cities in Latin America by accelerating e-commerce adoption. 
We believe technology and innovation will be the main catalyst  of progress in Latin America, driving productivity, creating jobs, new businesses, and growing the economy. We are proud to lead this change. 

Rappi is not just a company… It's a movement for economic progress. 



We give access to a wide assortment of products that are delivered in minutes, as well as services, giving you more free time and a greater quality of life.



We help restaurants and merchants grow and succeed, with access to customers, logistics, business intelligence, payments and financial tools.



We create opportunity by offering people a way to turn time and skill into flexible income.



We are obsessed with our clients so we deliver magic, always.


We execute [Rappido] and prioritize, to always move the needle.


We think like owners, we dream big, we always act with optimism and an entrepreneurial mindset.


We are highly ambitious for the common good.


We value diversity and have fun.

History of company

History of the company

Description history
Rappi was created in August of 2015 by Simón Borrero, Felipe Villamarín and Sebastian Mejía in Bogotá, Colombia.

Faces of Rappi

Sandra Rappitendera

Sandra, Colombia


Sandra is in her seventh semester of Business Administration at the Universidad Católica Luis Amigó. "Digital platforms have helped me to get ahead, without them I could not afford college or finish paying for my vehicle: my motorcycle.
Mariam employee

Mariam, Brazil


Mariam loves to work in an environment where she is constantly challenged. In December 2020, as the Head of Turbo for Brazil, she along her team scaled dark-stores to 8 cities with a 10-min delivery value prop. “The greatest thing about working in Rappi keeping the freedom to create and experiment like an entrepreneur is a very unique opportunity."
Victor consumer

Víctor, Mexico


Moving to another country is not easy. The app made it very easy for me to do my first daily activities and find out about supermarkets, pharmacies and nearby businesses. Rappi makes my whole life easier.

Hamburga, Argentina


Ever since starting the alliance with Rappi, Hamburga sells 7 times more than when they first started. They think that’s linked to the creativity, the easy usage in the App and the many actions Rappi takes on to help boost allies.