We create and defend local jobs

We create and defend local jobs

By connecting users with local business solutions, we create faster solutions than traditional e-commerce platforms can imagine.
This drives demand for local businesses that may otherwise have been lost to international vendors.

We create a virtuous circle for local causes. 

For users, we connect them directly with aid organizations working locally, allowing them to directly donate to a variety of causes and campaigns. For NGOs, we give them an easy way to reach millions of potential donors, transferring 100% of funds raised directly to them with no admin fees.


Families helped with donation programs inside Rappi in the last year


Communities reached in 2020 with the donation program in all 9 of the countries where we are operational


All the funds we collect go to the designated charity. We never collect an administrative fee

Making quality

Making quality of life better, through incremental innovation

People in Latin America spend between 150 and 190 hours a year on traffic. We are significantly reducing that time when someone uses Rappi to buy their goods.

We help our allies succeed

Expanded access to business intelligence helps small businesses succeed.

Commerce competition is fierce, and we prepare our allies for success. We do this by providing business intelligence related to:

  • Menus, locations, how to expand, missing items on menu and/or catalogue, information on best sellers
  • Current and prospective customer base

We empower small retailers and restaurants, always.

Not just a company, we are a movement for economic development.

allies succeed